Our range of courses have been designed to support learning of children from Key Stage 1, helping teachers achieve curriculum- based learning requirements.  We have 3 levels of programmes available…


Suitable for nursery and key stage one pupils

In our interactive and fun Mambo and Jazz school session, Action Cancer’s Health Action Heroes are on a quest to save the Magical Kingdom.   Meeting some interesting characters, such as Mr Blister, or Fizzy Sherbot, Mambo and Jazz help children learn key messages including healthy eating, exercise, safety in the sun and the dangers of smoking.


Suitable for Key stage 2

Our primary schools programmes are fun interactive sessions suitable for pupils in P4 – P7.

Be Healthy: Through the use of fun games and interactive tasks, these sessions focus on the key messages of healthy living.

P4 & P5: Healthy Eating & Physical Activity 

P6: Keeping Active & Screen Time 

P7: Healthy Eating & Marketing ploys

Be Smart: This interactive session focuses on the dangers of smoking and alcohol, using lots of games, quizzes and visual resources, e.g. Pigs Lungs.


Suitable for Key stage 3+

Our secondary schools programmes engage young people’s interest and promote knowledge of healthy lifestyles.  For older groups, there is also an information session on signs and symptoms of cancer, enabling them to be self-aware.

Healthy Living: An interactive workshop using a variety of learning techniques such as small group discussions, activities, quizzes and visual aids to provide information on lifestyle, life-skills and general body awareness.

Cancer Awareness (Only Suitable for: Key stage 4+): A fun, interactive workshop using discussions, activities, quizzes and visual aids.  This session includes signs and symptoms of cancer (gender specific, e.g. breast, cervical & testicular), what to do if you notice changes, prevention/reducing your risk and support for those affected by cancer.

For all programmes:

Duration: 60mins

Capacity: Max 30 pupils, Large hall or open space is required for face to face sessions.

Appropriate technology (audio and video capacity) required for virtual sessions.

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If you would like more information about our schools programmes, or you would like to book a programme for you school please get in touch with our Services Administration Team on 028 9080 3370 or [email protected]