We have two key services onboard our Big Bus (disabled access available):

Breast Screenings

Appointments are available to ladies who:  

  • are aged 40-49 or 70+ ; 
  • have no current symptoms or concerns; 
  • haven’t had a mammogram within the last 2 years; and 
  • are not currently pregnant or breast-feeding, or have been within the last 6 months. 

Health Checks

Appointments are available to men & women aged 16+.   

Assessments include Blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and body composition tests, along with a lifestyle review. (Note: these checks to not detect cancer)

A three-hour fast is necessary before the cholesterol and glucose tests.  

Cholesterol and glucose tests cannot be carried out on anyone suffering from a bleeding disorder or on blood thinning medication (e.g. Warfarin).  

Body Composition Analysis cannot be carried out on a pregnant lady or anyone with an internally implanted medical device (e.g. pacemaker).  

Click on the video below to hear from service users John, from Whitehead and Elaine, from Poyntzpass who share their stories on how the Big Bus has impacted their lives.