When you come for your appointment, we provide you with a safe and comfortable environment. Our Skin Cancer Detection appointments are delivered in 2 stages: 

Stage 1: Virtual Assessment

This part of the appointment is carried out through a video call with a nurse specialist clinician (using MS TEAMS), who will use the time to get your past medical and family history along with a history of the concerning lesion. You will be asked questions to understand your risks of skin cancer e.g., episodes of sunburning and sunbed use. The clinician will then decide if they need to see you in person for a Clinical Assessment of the mole/lesion at a further face to face appointment.  If this is required, you will be asked to book a time and location that suits you. 

Stage 2: Clinical Assessment

Whether you attend your face to face, Clinical Assessment at Action Cancer House or on our Big Bus, our friendly reception staff will check you in for your appointment. They will then direct you to a seat in our waiting room. The clinician will call you into the treatment room at your appointment time, will review your medical history from your Virtual Assessment and carry out a skin examination.  The clinician will examine the lesion or mole of concern using a dermascope.  You may be required to remove some of your clothing to enable the clinician to examine your skin. (You can bring a chaperone/family member should you wish).  


Possible Outcomes

There are 3 possible outcomes:

  1. No further appointment/follow-up required.
  2. Referred to your GP – you may be advised to visit your GP if the clinician believes the issue requires further follow-up. Your GP will be sent a letter informing them of this advice.
  3. Referred onto a Dermatologist – you may be directly referred to an NHS Dermatology clinic for further assessment. In this case, photographs will be taken of the concerning mole/lesion and digitally transferred into the Dermatology clinic E-Triage system for follow-up. At this point, the Dermatology clinic will contact you directly regarding further tests/examinations required.