We are currently recruiting for new Volunteer Peer Mentors.

Would you like to support someone going through treatment for cancer?

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Registration of interest closed on Friday 8th March 2024

Our Peer Mentoring support is provided by trained volunteers who have personal experience of a cancer diagnosis.

The role of the mentor is to support the client with the issues they may experience with their cancer diagnosis, e.g. helping to reduce anxiety and isolation, helping increase self-esteem and developing coping strategies.

The service is flexible so as a client’s needs change, the mentoring role can change too.

  • Who can use it?

    Anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis and needs support. 

  • What types of cancer?

    The service is available for most types of cancer and for those who may be affected by hereditary cancers.

  • How to match you?

    We will try as far as possible to match clients with a mentor with a similar diagnosis and experience. 

  • Where is it?

    Available by phone, we have mentors accessible regionally throughout NI. 

  • How to access it?

    For more information, contact Leigh White on07580 133757or at [email protected]