Don’t have time to visit one of our shops? Can you facilitate a charity clothing donation station at your place of work? Adopt one of Action Cancer’s donation stations or clothing banks in your workplace and help stock our shops.

We understand that everyone has busy working lives and want to make it easier for you to donate your pre-loved gems to Action Cancer. We make sure our clothing banks are hassle free for you, simple encourage staff to bring in their donations and when it is full drop us an email.

A member of the retail team will be in touch to arrange for your bank to be emptied and your donations to be taken to one of our shops.

Click the image below to request more information on our Donation Stations and Clothing Banks:

Get everyone in you company involved! If you can’t facilitate an Action Cancer Donation Station or Clothing Bank why not have a Donation Drive in your place of work? Each donation to Action Cancer goes towards raising funds for our cancer prevention, detection and support services in Northern Ireland.  

Having an office clear out, end of line clothing that you would like to give a second chance to or changing your work colour scheme? We can help with all corporate donations, get in touch with our retail department and we would be happy to help with any enquiries [email protected]

Don’t forget to boost your donation with Gift Aid! Make that donation worth an extra 25% without any extra cost to you.