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We offer a range of group programmes and services to workplaces and community organisations to help you support the wellbeing of your staff/community…

Cancer Awareness

Our Cancer Awareness sessions are interactive group sessions that provide you with access to information, such as common cancer symptoms, self-examination techniques and information on cancer screening programmes, to help increase your knowledge of common cancers and help understand how to reduce your cancer risk. 

We offer Male and Female only groups: 

Female Cancer Awareness includes: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, lung, bowel and skin cancer. 

Male Cancer Awareness includes: testicular cancer, prostate cancer, lung, bowel and skin cancer. 

We can deliver our Cancer Awareness programmes across NI, face-to-face or through virtual video calls (using MS Teams). 

Healthy Living

An interactive session designed to enhance knowledge of healthy lifestyle topics to reduce cancer risk and other health conditions. The session includes information on the dangers of smoking, the impact of alcohol, importance of healthy eating, how to stay safe in the sun, benefits of exercise and tips on stress management.   

It incorporates interactive activities and visual aids, such as sugar display, fat and muscle models.   

Participants will be provided with information to take home on the topics covered to support learning from the session.

Our Healthy Living sessions can be delivered in a range of community or workplaces across NI, face-to-face or through virtual video calls (using MS Teams). 


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Health Checks

Bring a Health Check clinic to your staff at your workplace, anywhere in NI!

We can deliver 10 health check appointments to your staff, on site. These appointments are booked in advance and are totally confidential and include tests for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and body composition.

All we need is a private room, with a table, 2 chairs and an electrical source.

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Keeping well working from home

This 1 hour session focuses on how to adapt a healthy lifestyle to working from home, dealing with stress and staying connected to maintain health and wellbeing. 

We can deliver our Keeping Well Working from Home programmes through virtual video calls (using MS Teams).

If you would like more information about or costs for our programmes or services or you would like to book for your workplace/organisation please get in touch with our Services Administration Team on 028 9080 3370 or [email protected]